Kitten Flower Boutique
           Fine body jewelry.Piercing.

                    12-9     7 Days a week

                        1501 Lake Drive
West Michigan's only member of the Association of Professional Piercers!

Who is Kitten Flower Boutique?

We are a fine body jewelry and body piercing studio in Grand Rapids, Mi. Our emphasis is on educated, quality body piercing and jewelry. We do not believe in sacrificing this quality for a high profit margin, and don't think you should have to either.

We are the option for people who know better and want to experience the difference.

Our Jewelry

We pride ourselves on our jewelry. The first thing you will notice when you step into studio is the quality of what we carry and how many options there are. We hand pick our suppliers so we get to know who we are buying from and what the stand for, and try to support a small business whenever possible.

All jewelry is internally threaded which means that a sharp thread will never pass through your body. This is an important part to having a piercing stay successfully healed during any time you have to remove and re-insert your jewelry. Threads can harbor oil from the manufacturing process as well, causing un-necessary irritation in your piercing.

We only carry jewelry that fully meets ASTM standards. This means that our jewelry has a mirror finish and has little to no nickel or other harmful materials. The quality of jewelry has everything to do with the healing process. If your body doesn't fully recognize what you are wearing as something it can heal around, it will remain in a constant state of trying to break down the material instead of focusing o
n healing new tissue around the piercing.

Our Facility

We built our studio from the ground up specifically for the purpose of sanitation. Our rooms are negative pressurized which means all air is being removed constantly with clean, fresh, filtered air being pulled in.
All surfaces are non porous, and can be sanitized. We even went as far as to airtight underneath the drywall!

We built our procedure rooms with a set-up room in between them. This means that our rooms are free of clutter, which lowers the risk of cross contamination between clients. We set-up any utensils we are using in this seperate room, then put them through a pass through window into the procedure rooms.

We have a seperated Contaminated and Sterilization room. This keeps the risk of cross contamination between "dirty" equipment and freshly sterilized equipment to a bare minimum.


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